For some, it's what makes wine affordable.
For others, it puts premium wine within reach.
For all, it simply adds to the allure of wine.


SAYV offers a low cost but highly effective protection for wine in an opened bottle. It contains 99.998% pure argon (extracted from our atmosphere). Argon is inert (so will not mix or bond with any other substance) and is heavier than air. It is recognised as the only truly effective solution to keeping wine in opened bottles unchanged for weeks....& even months. ​

Equally as effective on sparkling wines (with a suitable stopper), SAYV can also be applied to spirits, liqueurs & dessert wines to preserve their original taste characteristics.

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"Because argon is heavier than oxygen, it can act as a protective layer for wine, preventing the very reactive oxygen from interacting with the wine and causing oxidation."

"Through 6,500 years of wine making, keeping opened wine from deteriorating has been a problem. Ironically, the solution was right before us in the form of an inert gas called argon."


SAYV is a canister of pure argon which is an inert gas taken from earth's atmosphere. "Inert" means it will not combine or blend with any other substance. And it contains no oxygen or anything else besides a single argon atom. So, it won't interact with the wine at all. Argon is heavier than air & will sink below the air in a bottle until it lies across the wine. Since there is no oxygen now in contact with the wine, oxidation is prevented.



SAYV is supplied in a shelf ready box of 12 canisters. It has a very small footprint & ideal for positioning at the checkout counter where you will benefit from impulse purchases.

Custom Branding

Available either as a co-brand or a unique, custom brand in both low & high volumes and at very little cost. Ask for pricing for your own or your customer’s brand.


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